Peter Capaldi Set to Return to ‘Doctor Who’

Peter Capaldi will be returning to the Tardis for the next season of hit TV series Doctor Who, but he’s still awaiting to see who will be joining him on his adventures.

Show writer Steven Moffat has confirmed Capaldi will be back as the 12th Doctor, but his sidekick, Jenna Coleman, has yet to sign up.

Rumors suggesting the actress will walk away from the show after this year’s Christmas special persist.

Capaldi has been a fan of the show since he was a child and has effortlessly slipped into the role of the Time Lord. Recently the actor, as the Doctor, sent a touching video message to an autistic child who was struggling to come to terms with his grandmother’s death.

Are you excited to learn that Capaldi’s darker Doctor will return? What are your thoughts on Jenna’s possible departure? Any thoughts for new companion casting? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit:BBC


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