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Company of Heroes: Ardennes Assault Arrives Today

Company of Heroes: Ardennes Assault Arrives Today


Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault is a standalone PC title that is now available to purchase online for $39.99. Ardennes Assault is inspired by the Battle of the Bulge where players will take on 18 all-new single player scenarios where they must halt the progressing German forces from advancing throughout the Ardennes region.

The dynamic campaign of 11 missions and 7 engagements offers players with bonus objectives that change on different playthroughs which helps provide a unique experience upon replaying the game.

There are three companies for players to command during each mission, including the Airborne, Infantry, and Support units. There is also Fox Company which is available to those who pre-ordered the game or purchase it.

Company of Heroes: Ardennes Assault introduces a new meta-map system which opens up more options for players to plot their way through the campaign.

“With the addition of the meta-map and extra importance being placed on effectively managing your companies, every decision the player makes is magnified,” said Quinn Duffy, Game Director, in a press release. “Player choice has a much greater impact than ever before on the narrative, and by connecting the strategic and tactical experiences together in such a compelling way, the consequences of player decisions is heightened dramatically.”

Decisions made can also impact the outcome of the battle. Players who fail to manage their resources well can end up losing a company for good. So it’s important for players to manage their units effectively as Company health persists between missions. A Veteran Company is effective in battle while lost units end up bringing a negative impact to a Company’s overall health.

I definitely look forward to managing my way through Company of Heroes: Ardennes Assault. So far I’ve only tried out the opening mission which is a nice walkthrough back into the wonderful RTS gameplay that the series offers.

It’s time to call in the troops and complete this mission!


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