Battlefield 4 – Better Late Than Never

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I guess I can’t say “never” as the title suggests because I actually enjoyed my time with the Battlefield 4 beta. However, after the beta ended, so did my time with the game. But that changed last night!

Unfortunately I never received the opportunity to cover Battlefield 4 when it released. It didn’t matter much to me anyway since I spent a great deal of time playing Call of Duty: Ghosts. However, with my disappointment in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and my need to play a new FPS, I decided it was time to give Battlefield 4 another try.

Thankfully I had claimed the 7 day trial for Battlefield 4 when it was offered on Origin, so last night I finally downloaded it.

As I made my way back into Battlefield 4 for the first time since the beta, I found myself completely in love with it. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it feels really solid as well outside of getting stuck on ever piece of debris or curb on the map. It also helped that I had a great team and we won 8 out of the first 9 Squad Deathmatch games I played. By the way, I LOVE that mode.

Dropping in to say hello!

As I continued playing Squad Deathmatch, I eventually found myself on a few losing teams and ran across some really good players. I could also tell they had weapons that were much stronger than mine. So I know I’ll have to spend a lot of time to work my way up to having a more complete weapon to compete with. Still, I finished the night with a 1.39 K/D ratio which isn’t bad for a guy who doesn’t know any of the maps and hasn’t played it since the beta.

Unfortunately I’m now 10-7 on my wins and losses, so I ended the night 2-6.

Even though the night ended on a difficult note, I still found myself having a fantastic time with the game and can’t wait to engage in some more Squad Deathmatch. I think I’ll find myself pretty addictive to the game over the next few months or so.

What brought the game to my attention in the first place yesterday was the press release for the new Final Stand DLC pack. It released today which gives Premium members access to four all-new maps set in wintry conditions. This means sub-zero temps and harsh blizzards! Sounds fun to me.

This also introduces a new hovertank, snowmobile, rail gun, remote operated high-speed flying drone, levolution moments and more. Of course the entire game still feels new to me, but I look forward to giving these maps a spin tonight as I continue jaunting through the game.

So tonight I’m looking forward to checking out these new additions along with many of the other maps and features I’ve yet to play. I know I’ll be in for more intense action set in mostly beautiful looking locations!

Here are some Squad Deathmatch gameplay videos from my first few matches. I’ll have many more to come including videos of the Final Stand DLC.


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