‘The Originals’ Star Nathan Parsons Talks Being an Alpha, Hayley and More

On a recent set visit for The Originals, we had the chance to chat with the Alpha werewolf himself, Jackson, played by Nathan Parsons. We chatted with Parsons about the challenges his character will face throughout the season, including dealing with his feelings for Hayley.

Jackson was intended to be Hayley’s mate, a match made by their parents when the two were young. We know this didn’t work out as intended, but Jackson and Hayley are both aware of the arrangement, and now they also know why it was so important to their parents and respective clans.

Although he’s an Alpha, Jackson’s been having issues taking on all that the role encompasses, especially with recently losing his best friend. According to Nathan, it may take a little while, but he’ll eventually grow into his role as a leader. “It’s going to be a slow process. Jackson’s still mourning what happened with Oliver and all that stuff, so he’s going through a little something. He’s not all that eager to come back and take on all the vampires and all the witches and all this stuff that’s going on. Over time I think he’ll slowly start to see Hayley kind of making sense, and it kind of gets to him, and we’ll see him kind of step up a little bit.”

The show films right here in Georgia, so when asked about how he enjoyed filming in FanBolt’s home state, Nathan replied, “I love it out here. It’s a little cold right now. I’m still learning [my way around]. I was thrown back and forth all year, and this is the first time I’ve actually had some time to spend here, but on most of my days off I’m exhausted. I have gone out to a couple places, I’ve explored Midtown a little bit, Inman Park, a few other places. So it’s been great I love it out here.”

Jackson has an interesting history with Hayley. The two were supposed to be married, and now he’s making up for lost time and vying for her emotions, but regardless he will always be her protector. “They start spending more and more time together and as they’re going through the tradition and the history. Hayley’s starting to appreciate that side of herself a little more, and Jackson is sort of a doorway for her to see that.” Parsons commented.

He also shared how he feels Jackson will react if/when he finds out Hope is alive, and it seems like there could be some mixed, but mostly positive, feelings involved. “I think that would change everything for him. His affection for Hayley would extend to anyone that’s a part of her. So I think he would absolutely embrace that.”

Finally, Nathan revealed what he’s most excited for fans to experience for the remainder of the season saying, “This season is crazy, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and spiraling more and more out of control. I’m just thrilled to see what people think and how they respond to it.”

You can catch Nathan in a new episode of The Originals Monday night at 8pm ET on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW


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