‘The Originals’ Star Daniel Sharman Talks Davina and Mikaelson Family Drama

Daniel Sharman plays dual character Kol/Kalev (lovingly dubbed ‘Koleb’) on The Originals, and the star recently took some time to talk about what’s in store for the vampire/witch with the mysterious agenda.

Kol is (yet another) Mikaelson brother that’s returned to cause trouble for his siblings. Since he’s shown up this season, he’s been a bit of a wild card. In true Mikaelson family fashion, he has a complicated relationship with pretty much everyone he’s involved with from his brothers Elijah, Klaus and Finn to Davina, no one seems to know what’s actually up with this guy! One second he’s helping his mother, Esther, in her evil plans, the next he’s helping his brothers and the next he’s helping himself.

One thing that appeals to Daniel and fans of the show alike is that beyond the crazy supernatural-ness of it all, there’s a relatable family drama that people can connect to on some level. “Nothing breaks my heart more than… family kind of grievances,” Daniel told reporters on our recent set visit. “Things like that I think are heartbreaking, so it’s quite nice to-other than the magical aspect of it- is to take it down into, really, sibling rivalry… adolescence, dealing with the powers they are not capable of understanding or capable of controlling, and so that was always way more interesting to me. The next few episodes explore that.”

The budding romance between young witch Davina and Koleb is a hot topic right now. Due to recent events, no one can quite figure out whether or not what he feels for Davina is genuine, and Daniel shared his thoughts on the relationship. “My opinion is that it starts off with manipulation, but I think he sees a lot of things in Davina that are very pure and that are very different to what he’s experienced in his family life… Also probably the romantic flings he’s had along 1000 years that he’s been around, which is suddenly, there is something that he admires about her and that he is quite intoxicated by and addicted to.

“That’s always something that takes people by surprise, which is you act in a certain way for a long period of time in that respect, and then something suddenly comes along and you can’t explain why it changes you but it does. I think she’s in a process of changing him in a way that I found intriguing, which is he sees something in her which is quite admirable and pure and he would like to, kind of, in some way emulate. But then, you know, it all goes crazy.”

So what did Daniel say about what’s in store for the tumultuous Mikaelson family? “The language of that family is violence and manipulation and mistrust and there are some great things in the next episodes in terms of the cycle of violence and they cycle of pain inflicted… Other than presenting the violence that happens, the next few episodes are quite interested in knowing why that cycle exists. Then not only why that cycle exists, but why it is perpetuated by these pretty, kind of, tempestuous characters.”

You can catch Daniel as Kol/Kaleb in a new episode of The Originals Monday night at 8pm ET on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW


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