Joseph Morgan Teases ‘The Originals’ Mid-Season Finale

The Originals star Joseph Morgan took some time during a recent set visit to talk to about what we can expect from the mid-season finale that’s approaching, how Klaus feels about killing his father and more.

Klaus had a difficult decision to make when he found out his biological father knew his daughter Hope was alive, and in the end, Klaus chose his child’s life over taking any chances on loose ends. When asked whether or not Klaus feels any sort of remorse for the patricide, Morgan replied, “Yes, I think so. One of the things we know about Klaus is he can be impulsive, and he’s prone to these, sort of, moments of rage where he’ll act – I don’t know if he’d admit to regretting it, but I think, certainly, he questions his decision. Definitely I’ve been playing towards that… He convinces himself ‘I had to do it. I had to do it for my daughter’s safety.’ But he has this wonderful excuse to commit the most terrible of acts now, and I’m not sure if he really believes it himself. So he’s trying to, he’s trying to convince himself to come to terms with it, you know?”

Someone whom Ansel’s death will deeply affect is Alpha wolf, and Hayley’s intended mate, Jackson. Judging from Joseph’s description of how Klaus views Jackson, it seems as if emotions could boil over at some point in the season. “I think Klaus doesn’t value Jackson very highly at all. I think he, despite the fact that he’s the Alpha of the Crescents, he abandoned them essentially when Esther came in with the rings, and Oliver stepped up and jumped on the bandwagon with that. Jackson went off and wasn’t able to fight for his place as pack leader, and I think that’s something that Klaus doesn’t see as very honorable. I think Jackson would have a lot to prove to be respected by Klaus in that way. I did an episode recently where I had a lot to do with Nathan – with Jackson… that’s going to be a good one to look out for!”

With so much danger lurking around, there still seems to be room for the romance that draws so many fans in, so what’s the deal with Klaus in the romantic department? “There’s always these moments of tension with… him and Hayley and all these different girls on the show but then he kind of squashes them or does something terrible, so they back away. That’s who he is, that’s so ingrained in him I don’t know if there’s a possibility for that,” said Joseph. Referring to Cami specifically the actor noted, “There’s definitely a respect and a kind of love there, but I don’t know if it’s the romantic kind.” (Sorry, Clamille fans!)

Finally, with the Klaus/Hayley/Baby Hope reunion so many fans have been waiting for coming up, Joseph was kind enough to offer a little teaser to tide you guys over until the show airs. “I think it’s the closest we’ve been for a while to being a happy family, I would say. Those of us who are on the same side at the moment, who are allied, are together and we’re in a safe place for a moment, altogether. And we try our best to do something very human and create a happy memory, even though it can’t last.

“Hopefully, it certainly felt like there will be a couple of really heartwarming moments in that episode. I hope that that comes across. It felt like that when we were filming it, and I feel like they need that as well, because there’s so much intensity and drama. The show – the buzzword is ‘epic’… it’s like it really needs those human moments. Those moments when you see these broken creatures are just people wanting to connect with each other and to feel loved and we allow them those few moments, I think, in the Christmas episode.”

You can catch a new episode of The Originals Monday at at 8pm ET on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW

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