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‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder on Who Is the Healthier Choice for Damon? Bonnie or Elena?

‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder on Who Is the Healthier Choice for Damon? Bonnie or Elena?


FanBolt recently visited the set of The Vampire Diaries, and we asked series star Ian Somerhalder who (in his opinion) was the healthiest relationship that Damon has had on the show? Elena or Bonnie?

“Bonnie. I think Elena makes him feel really good about himself, ” Ian pauses. “He’s just done a lot of things he shouldn’t have done. But ultimately it makes him happy and makes him feel like a man, and he loves her a lot. But Bonnie is this open-ended… relationship that was really heathy for him.”

Ian went on to talk about how he thought Damon was evolving, and he thinks that also has to do with Bonnie.

“I think it has a great deal to do with Bonnie. He really has a soft spot for Bonnie.” Ian explained.

Check out his answers to these questions below!

The Vampire Diaries Set Visit: Ian Somerhalder Interview

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Stay tuned to FanBolt for more Ian Somerhalder interview footage! We’ll have more interview bits to post with Ian talking about Delena, Bamon and more!

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  1. Look the actor understands the character better than the writers does and are getting paid. Instead of spoon feeding us de give us a Damon with substance not this chasing after a girls skirt for the past 5 seasons character. No wonder the ratings are going down. Promote de episode worst ratings every. Promote any other ship character and it actually manages to get up.

  2. I think that the two relationships can’t be compared. However, I believe that what Ian means is that Damon and Bonnie have reached a stage where they’ve achieved a healthy & balanced friendship. Damon and Elena are a very different type of relationship. Damon & Bonnie are platonic, but Damon and Elena are romantic. At this point, Damon and Elena have not reached a point where their relationship can truly be considered healthy yet. I mean she just compelled all their memories away and that’s not a healthy thing. SO, it’s not really about Bamon being a more healthy choice. It’s just that they have a healthy, balanced friendship. Delena have just been too tortured to be considered healthy, however, I believe that they’re journey will get them their in the end. They are right for each other, but still need to work on a healthy balance.

  3. Without a doubt Bonnie is better for Damon than Elena. Damon and Elena truly bring out the worst in each other as they have said several times on screen; they keep falling back into the same toxic patterns that end up not making either of them happy. The show does a lot of Telling on how Delena is great but they never show it. What they show is them circling the drain of dysfunction before falling into bed together like that solves everything when it solves nothing.

    Yet Damon spends 4 months with Bonnie and we are shown the difference in not only how she makes him feel but that their relationship was based on actual communication and understanding. They don’t need every character suddenly talking about how amazing their relationship is–while showing the exact opposite by the way–because it’s been allowed to grow and develop that way naturally like several other relationships on the show. I think Bonnie having hope for Damon, realizing he feels guilt and remorse is more insight into his character than Elena has ever had. And of course there is the flip side on how Elena is such a better person without Damon–probably because she’s not twisting to be what she thinks he wants her to be–but that’s for another time.

  4. Ya… my thought frame coincides with #camille… there s substantial development in bonnie damon interaction/relationship than the toxic delena. Elena is more likeable outside the damon fold. Somehow bamon just seems so much better exactly because delena is so unhealthy/wrong. More to be said later on elena s lack of coping mechanisms and making everything about her. Bring a person person back from the dead for advice. That’s normal. Not because she sacrificed berself so others could come back.


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