Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC – Chillin’ in the Snow

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The Final Stand DLC has arrived for all Battlefield 4 Premium members, adding four all-new maps set in the cold wintry conditions of Russia. New features also include a hovertank, snowmobile, rail gun, remote operated high-speed flying drone, and more.

Battlefield 4 is still fairly new to me as I only recently began playing it for the first time since the Beta launched over a year ago. So even though pretty much every map is new to me, I still made sure to see what the Final Stand maps had to offer. Plus, who doesn’t like wintry conditions?

As I’ve recently found out once again, Battlefield 4 is a beautiful game and these new maps are no different. The new maps include Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21, and Operation Whiteout. So far I’ve really enjoyed each one of them, though Operation Whiteout has been the most difficult map for me as it’s far more wide open than the other three. Also, not having a superior weapon makes it difficult as I’m still at the low ranks.

During one of my playthroughs I stumbled across another player’s weapon and quickly became jelious at its superiority over my current weapon of choice. Check out what happens when I get my hands on a better gun!

I still haven’t tried out the conquest game mode as I’ve primarily played team and squad deathmatch, though I also got pulled into a game of Capture the Flag. The maps are big and gorgeous though and I can only image the beautiful chaos that ensues when playing those modes.

Here are gameplay videos of the new Battlefield 4: Final Stand maps which will be available to all players beginning December 2nd. These videos take a good look at the new maps and showcase what they’re all about.

Note: I guess I deleted the Operation Whiteout gameplay video. Like I said, that map hasn’t been kind to me so it doesn’t surprise me that those videos disappeared.

Giants of Karelia


Hangar 21


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