FanBolt’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for TV and Film Fans

From The Wonder Years: The Complete Series to a zombie tour and tasty wines, we’ve got the fans in your life covered with FanBolt’s 2014 Holiday Recommendations!

Our ultimate gift pick of the year? That honor goes to The Wonder Years: The Complete Series Set. The complete collection comes in absolutely amazing packaging, and it is absolutely geek out worthy for TV fans!

Check out our holiday recommendations below, and in our comments section, share with us what items are on your holiday wish list!

FanBolt’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

For The TV Fan
The Wonder Years: The Complete Series Set

The Wonder Years: The Complete Series Set – This collection is my all time favorite DVD set, and as someone that went to art school – I totally geeked out with the locker packaging.

So what all is included in the collection? All 115 episodes come inside the locker along with a sheet of magnets that you can decorate with as well as a mini yearbook full of pictures from production.

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with The Wonder Years, the series follows Kevin Arnold, a young teenage boy, during the late 1960’s. From family life to a nerdy best friend – to most importantly Kevin’s first love, Winnie Cooper – audiences get the chance to grow up with Kevin. It was the first TV series that I personally fell in love with, and I’m overjoyed that this series is finally available on DVD.

You can pick up the complete collection on Amazon for $418, but hurry as these sets are getting more difficult to come by!

For The Marvel Fan
Marvel Itty Bittys

Marvel Itty Bittys – Need a small but awesome gift for the Marvel fan in your life? (This may be better suited for a girl, as all the girls at FanBolt adore them.) Hallmark has a line of Marvel itty bittys which include: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer, and you can even buy them in sets for $29.95.

If Marvel isn’t your thing, they also have Star Wars, DC Comics, Disney Princesses, and more for you to pick from. You can check out all the collections offered on Hallmark’s website.

And if you’re looking for a direct link to Captain American – You can pick him up at Hallmark for $6.95.

For The Zombie Fan
Atlanta Movie Tours

Atlanta Movie Tours – Carrie Sagel Burns and Patti Davis, both fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, started Atlanta Movie Tours in early 2012. Their “Big Zombie Tour” provides fans with a 3 hour walking and driving tour of all of Atlanta’s local zombie hangouts. While the locations may vary from tour to tour, fans can count on seeing locations that they recognize from Seasons 1 of The Walking Dead.

Interested in Season 3 and 4 locations? They also have a tour in Downtown Senoia (aka Woodbury) that is about an hour south of Atlanta. See the zombie arena from Season 3 to the waterfall from the Season 2 finale. In fact, fans have even been known to find bullet casings from the scenes shot at the zombie arena (as well as Merle’s fantastic episode in Season 3 – you know the one I’m talking about… no spoilers here!).

If you’re a zombie fan and you haven’t been on these tours yet – you’re missing out! Atlanta is zombie-central, and this tour is pure heaven for any fan! FanBolt absolutely loved it! Grab tickets today!

For Downton Abbey Fan
Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Wine Gift Pack – Have a friend that’s a fan of Downton Abbey? It’s hard not to love the show if you’ve seen it! Fans can now recreate the Downton Abbey experience with a Downton Abbey Wine Gift Pack. Sit down to watch an episode with one of two enticing blends from the Bordeaux region of France: a “Blanc” white wine and a “Claret” red wine. Downton Abbey Blanc is a light and crisp white blend, while Downton Abbey Claret is medium-bodied red with bright fruit and a silky finish.

FanBolt’s personal favorite? Our staff was divided half and half between the white and the red, but I personally loved the red – not too heavy but with just the amount of flavor. It pairs beautifully with Parmesan cheese if you’re looking to have a wine and cheese night the next time you watch Downton Abbey.

Also included in the gift pack is a Downton Abbey Candle in French Claret which is scented with a blend of blueberry and concord grapes with a hint of violet and maple sugar. And there’s still one more item! 36 tea bags of Downton Abbey Tea in English Rose is also included. This The tea has an infusion of rose, raspberry and hibiscus with fruity, floral notes and a hint of sweetness. The tea is inspired by traditional British desserts and is caffeine-free – making it perfect for a late afternoon or evening treat that tastes just as good hot or cooled.

The gift pack is available on for $59.99.

For The Kid Geek Girl
Disney Pirate Fairies

Disney Pirate Fairies – These Disney Pirate Fairies will make a magical gift for the little one in your life. The fully poseable dolls are based on the fairies from The Pirate Fairy, which follows Tink and her fairy friends as they try to save their friend Zarina and the very-important Blue Pixie Dust. Rosetta, Tink and Zarina are all adorably outfitted in pirate fairy garb and are prepared for flight with lovely iridescent wings. The 9” dolls also come with a pair of shoes, a belt and a headband. There are four fairies to collect in all: Rosetta, Tink, Zarina and Periwinkle.

You can purchase the dolls online at Target for $16.99 per doll.

For The Kid Geek Boy
Web-Slinging Spider-Man

Web-Slinging Spider-Man – For the little web-slinger in your life, we’d recommend The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Web-Slinging Spider-Man. This awesome figurine combines two things that kids love: Spider-Man and silly string (sorry in advance for the mess, parents). This toy comes with a Spidey Shot Web Fluid cartridge for shooting webs as well as a water cartridge for water so that kids can pick how they and Spidey defend the city against evil. The action figure itself stands at about a foot tall and playing with him is as easy as loading the cartridge of your choosing into Spider-Man’s chest and firing away to save the day!

You can purchase Web-Slinging Spider-Man online at Amazon for $19.96.

For The FanBolt Fan

FanBolt Fan Pack – Did you know that we have FanBolt t-shirts and bumper stickers… and even a few limited edition jackets that you can pick up?

If you’re interested in showing your love for FanBolt and our fan family, drop us an email with your size (S, M, L, XL, or XXL (Ladies Fit or Regular)) and your desired item – tee or hoodie. And we’ll send one out to you along with some bumper stickers and a mouse pad for only $25 (tee) or $30 (jacket)!

Shipping is included for US residents, and if you’re located elsewhere we can still ship it to you – we’ll just need to do a little math!

What are on your holiday wish lists? Share your lists with us in our comment section below!

Happy Holidays!


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