Angelica Celaya Teases What’s to Come for Zed on ‘Constantine’

Ready for your weekly tease for Constantine? Fans of Hellblazer can’t help but wonder how closely Zed’s future on will mirror the comics. During a recent set visit for series, we asked Angelica Celaya, who plays Zed, how familiar she was with the comics prior to her work on the series.

“When I got the role, they gave me a couple of volumes of Hellblazer, and that’s when I’ve really read up on her past and her whole storyline of what happened with the cult.” Celaya answered. “I don’t want to get too caught up in that because we’re playing in at different levels here. It’s my interpretation of who I think Zed is in this moment, not who Zed was in the comic books. It’s 2 different takes.”

Knowing where the story goes in the comics, we also asked Angelica if there was anything more she could tell us about – like are we’re going to meet her family and go deep into that story?

“You meet one member of my family. One member of my family and members of the clan. Interesting encounter with one of them, actually. Very interesting.” Celaya teased with a smile on her face.

So can we expect that scene to present day or a flash back?

“No, in present day. It’s not, I’ve not done anything in flashback. This all happens to Zed present day and there’s a – she fights a guy she thought who was a friend, turns out to be the enemy.” Celaya replied.

We hope you enjoy the little tease! Be sure to catch an all new episode of Constantine tonight at 10pm EST!


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