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Matt Ryan Teases What’s Coming Up on ‘Constantine’

Matt Ryan Teases What’s Coming Up on ‘Constantine’


Curious what is coming up on the remaining episodes of Constantine this season? FanBolt recently chatted with series start Matt Ryan about what he can tease for fans. Ryan revealed that he is super excited for episodes eight and nine – in which we will be introduced to Anne-Marie from the Newcastle group.

“We get another side of John’s relationship through that. That’s a two-parter – eight and nine. They’re my favorite episodes so far. Because they got the right balance of it being really dark and humorous at the same time. I think, for the show, it’s kind of imperative that you have that. It is rooted in that really dark twisted world, but at the same time, John can say something completely and utterly irrelevant in the middle of it.” Ryan commented.

As far as the biggest tease Matt could give – a lot of it is contingent on the series going beyond episode 13, which at this point doesn’t look too good.

“There is some stuff coming up that, if we go beyond 13 episodes but I can’t say anything about that. But it’s exciting stuff to do with the comics. And I know they are not kind of holding back in terms of the DC Universe and where we’re going. Anne-Marie comes into it… Felix Faust also comes into it. He’s in the comics, as well. Jim Corrigan and Papa Midnite come back.” Ryan revealed.

Is there a concept or character that Matt would like to see on the series that they haven’t yet explored?

“I’d like to see Lucifer, but I think everyone knows it,” Ryan answered. “Also, I’d like to see what his relationship with Judith is like because we see what his relationship with Anne-Marie is like, and that’s such an interesting part of John that we get to know in those two episodes [Episode 8 and 9]. They’re my favorite, man. But I’d like to see what he’s like around Judith. I think what’s interesting is we have all these different characters that come in and we see different sides of John.”

Matt also commented saying that each time a there’s a new character, there’s another part of John for him to explore. It’s more than just him taking on another case and going with it.

“That’s the stuff that really interests me about the show and kind of where we go towards the latter half of stuff is we really do get into the more relationship stuff where there’s possible longer arcs for things. Rather than the demon of the week thing. Which you have to do to set up the world and all that sort of stuff, but then we get into some more interesting kind of relationship stuff which, I think, is the best stuff, to be honest.” Ryan concluded.

What would you like to see on Constantine? Are you excited to meet Anne-Marie? Let us know your thoughts below.

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