Bella Thorne Teases Her Appearance on Tonight’s ‘Red Band Society’

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During a recent set visit to Fox’s Red Band Society, FanBolt had the chance to sit down with guest star Bella Thorne. We asked her about the character she would be playing and how well she’s fitting in with the group.

“My character comes in the scene, and she’s wasted – basically. She’s not the nicest character. She’s used to stepping all over people and getting what she wants,” Thorne answered. “And these kids in this show are not going to give her that, because they’re real characters, and they have heart to them. They’re not going to let her step all over them.”

How will Bella’s character fit in with the characters and already established group?

“Everyone is a mess in their own way, and so is my character. She fits in pretty well, and that’s why they don’t judge her harshly,” Thorne commented. “Emma does say something about her being over and being a mess, and she’s a mess. But all the other characters, I don’t want to say feel for her, but they know where she’s coming from in that sense.”

Bella also revealed that the most challenging thing about this role was having to pretend to be drunk.

“The hardest part about filming is trying to act drunk. It’s very difficult. Every time I agree to a role that is a party girl, I hope “Oh No! I hope the audition slides are not that. It’s harder for me to do, because I’m more of a Type-A personality.” Thorne answered. “It’s harder than it looks, because you can spot someone like that – that’s not realistic.”

Check out more with Bella Thorne in the video from our set visit below!

Bella Thorne on Red Band Society

Photo Credit: Guy D’Amica / FOX. © 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co.


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