Roseanne Under Fire for Bill Cosby Joke

Roseanne Barr has stunned fans by sharing a picture of her swollen face after a cosmetic procedure and joking that she sustained the injuries “in a tussle” with Bill Cosby.

The actress/comedian came under fire from followers on Twitter after she shared the shocking snap and referenced the embattled funnyman in the caption, writing, “Got in a tussle w (with) Bill Cosby. U (you) should see that mfer (motherf**ker).”

She later returned to the site and removed the original post, adding a new message to explain she had undergone a chemical peel and was just joking about Cosby.(WARNING: The pic is a little gross)

Barr added, “Got a chemical peel to look more sexier (sic). Joked about tussling Cosby.”

Cosby has dominated headlines around the world over the last few weeks after a number of women, including actresses and models, went public with allegations of sexual assault. The funnyman’s lawyer has dismissed the claims as false.

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb /


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