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Home Entertainment ‘The Originals’ Stars Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan Discuss Klaus and Hayley’s Future
‘The Originals’ Stars Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan Discuss Klaus and Hayley’s Future

‘The Originals’ Stars Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan Discuss Klaus and Hayley’s Future

The Originals stands apart from its origin show The Vampire Diaries in many ways, one being the strong focus on familial drama as opposed to romantic relationships. This doesn’t mean, however, that the show doesn’t have its fair share of ships for fans, one of the most popular being the pairing of Klaus and Hayley aka Klayley.

Klaus and Hayley have one of the central relationships on the show due largely in part to the birth of their adorably supernatural baby, Hope, conceived after a one night stand. The pair hasn’t been a pair since, but that doesn’t mean fans haven’t been holding out hope (no pun unintended) for a reunion, so that the two can be a family with their daughter. During a recent set visit, Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan, who play Hayley and Klaus respectively, both commented on what’s in store, or not in store, for the parents of baby Hope.

When Joseph was asked about where the pair’s relationship was headed he replied, “I think in general Klaus and Hayley are-have difficulty sometimes communicating with each other. I think there’s a tension and a frustration there, because they both were quite, sort of, reckless individuals before they, before she got pregnant and she ended up having the baby. Now they have this joined responsibility of this child and they have very different ideas about how the child, for the main part, should be kept safe…For now, the object is to keep Hope safe, and I think Klaus feels the best way to do that is to eliminate any threat of danger. I don’t think Hayley always agrees with that. So there’s a sort of- they butt heads quite a lot.”

“Also there’s something to be said for the kind of example that you’re setting for your daughter in doing all that. This is how you deal with problems. So it’s an interesting dynamic, but they have to work together for the good of their daughter and their family as well. She is a part of the family now and I think, just as Klaus has that tension with Elijah and certainly with Rebekah, he has it with Hayley, but there’s a begrudging respect there and possibly even, sort of an affection, in terms of her having proved herself time and time again. I think, as a valid member of the family… A valuable member as well. I think she is a part of the fold. He knows that, he recognizes that and accepts that. But I don’t- uh, he doesn’t have to like it.”

Phoebe Tonkin and Charles Michael Davis sat down with us together. During that talk Phoebe revealed similar take on Klaus and Hayley’s future together. “In terms of Klaus, there’s definitely a really kind of lovely relationship that that’s blossoming that’s definitely more of a mentor student relationship, which has been really fun to play and it’s been really fun to pick up a few of Klaus’ traits and watch Hayley kind of evolve as a hybrid, under the influence of someone like Klaus.”

So by now you may be wondering if there’s any chance the two will reconcile any time soon. “With anything you never really know what could happen,” said Phoebe. “Hopefully we’re here for a long time and there’s a lot of stories that could be, you know… ” (At this point Charles cut in to ask “Would you like to see it rekindled?”) “Well, not necessaril-I don’t know!” (Charles jokingly cut in, “Yes or no!”) “I think it’s actually more interesting where it is right now,” continued Phoebe. “I think it’s a very adult relationship. Obviously they have a child together – they’re parents, they’ve both gone through a lot together. You know, they just kind of cling to each other in a really sweet way. They’re the only two that really understand the gravity of what’s happening, and the weights of knowing the danger that their child is in. So right now, I don’t think that that’s either of the characters’ plan, but that’s not to say I don’t think- I think they love each other almost as family right now because they have a really deep respect for each other, which is really nice.”

Looks like there won’t be any romantic action between the two for a while, but seeing Klaus and Hayley co-parenting and teaming up for some good old-fashioned butt-kicking action still sounds like a fun ride.

Klayley fans, let us know what you think about Phoebe and Joseph’s thoughts on their characters’ relationship in the comments below!

You can catch a new episode of The Originals next Monday at 8pm ET on The CW.

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  1. KLAYLEY IS GOING TO BE ENDGAME!!!!!!! There is not a doubt in my mind. Klaus and Hayley were meant to have this miracle baby together, they have way too much in common and they get each other better than anyone else. They are written in the stars, people!!!!!

  2. Klaus and Hayley are the best pairing I know. If you ask me, the writers have been foreshadowing them all along. Klamille and haylijah are just smokescreens hiding the otp of the show which is Klayley

  3. I would like to know WHEN exactly Hayley has proved herself, since she always needs someone to go and save her and tell everyone else how amazing she is, but eh.
    Haylijah is a lot better, and hopefully Klaroline with time.

    1. Sorry, but I can’t stand Halijah its really gross and Klaroline is over. So let Klayley continue to be perfect.

      Also I don’t understand how you say you like Halijah yet you seem to not even like Hayley. Shouldn’t you ship a couple where you actually like both people?

  4. This is a great article. Joseph and Phoebe have the best chemistry on the show to me and I love that they’re now saying there is hope for klayley. Klaus and Hayley belong together, baby or not baby, they are too perfect together, and I’ve rooted for their characters to see the light, since ep. 4 when Klaus caught her and said “I got you love, I got you”.

    I died after that scene, and there was never going back. Klayley became otp. I have no regrets. Its too beautiful for words. Klayley is the perfect ship. Slow burn. The utter perfection is astounding. Thank you Miss Jasmine for writing this beautiful article in honor of Klayley and the perfection that it is. Thank you.

  5. Klayley forever. They are soulmates. Twin flames. Otp: Sun a& Moon. King & Queen.

    Joseph and Phoebe have the best chemistry ever. Every scene they share is perfection and don’t get me started on the eye sex. Ok I’m done I’m done I’m done.


  6. I ship Klayley forever and i think Klaus and Hayley are the best pairing. We love them. And i love my beautiful klayley shippers family ♥ Guys you the best shippers family♥ I love you with all my heart♥♥♥

  7. Love this. Best interview article ever.!!! #Phoebe Tonkin #Joseph Morgan #The Originals always & forever. #Klayley #Best news is the possibility of Klaus & Hayley rekindling their relationship in future seasons.

  8. I am still pulling for klarolone, they had great chemistry and the only reason I wasn’t happy about the spin off of tvd was the end of this romance.

  9. I absolutely loved this article. Klayley is perfection and the future. People need to get their heads out of their asses and see what’s real here. #shipklalyey 🙂

  10. Thats good to know that Klayley might have a chance one day. Honestly I hope they’ll be able to be endgame 🙂 I don’t care if its a slow burn as long as they’ll be ENDGAME one day. Please writers, make them endgame please!

    Klaus x Hayley for the win!!!

  11. Klaus and Hayley aka Klayley are kindred. They have a beautiful deep love story to tell – the chemistry is off the chart… when they look at one another it is like they speak without words necessary. They know eachother’s souls-

  12. They weren’t saying there was hope for Klayey or that they “love” each other romantically. If anything, they were trying to say in a non-threatening way that Klayey probably won’t happen.

    I mean the two barely speak now and both actors have said they kinda like how the relationship is NOW. So to me, that pretty much sounds like a non-romantic paring.

    1. They never said it wouldn’t happen. They said they don’t write the show so they don’t know what will happen. They can’t know, only the writers do. They love each other as family and friends, that’s a start to a beautiful love story. They used to not like each other at all, but now they will develop into something more, Julie Plec indirectly said they are a love story. Klayley will happen. HOPE FOR KLAYLEY!!!

  13. KLAYLEY for the win! Don’t get me wrong klaroline was cute and otp but that was so long ago. It’s time for a new couple. Klaus and Hayley belong together! Caroline needs to go with stefan and Elijah can go with the new woman Gia or someone else.

  14. I am a Elijah and Haley fan. So no I don’t want them together. Maybe as friends and that’s it. I think if they were to get together than here comes the love triangles between brothers again. And I don’t want that to happen. Why should Elijah find someone else. Klaus should find someone else, and I am sick of tired of people saying its sick its not. Elijah is perfect and for me Elijah and Haley are endgame. Klaus will never settle down with one person. So for me Elijah and Haley are endgame and if she is stupid not to see that then he should be with someone that deserves him. Elijah and Haley are the future of the show

    1. lol why should Klaus find someone else when the only woman who can have a romantic relationship with him is Hayley? She is the only girl strong ennough for this challenge and she can love him for him.

      Elijah has always been chosen by women when Klaus has been rejected. This time, Klaus will get Hayley in the end because of the connection and chemistry Haylijah will never have! Hayley and Elijah are horrible for so many reasons: one of the most important: they are too different. And Elijah never lets Hayley have a voice. There is no foundation in their relationship.

      Sorry but Klayley is the endgame here. That is the whole point. Their develoment throughout the show.

  15. I love Klayley and I hope that they will end up together in the show ’cause I think the writers have given us a lot of little hints that Klayley is going to happen. From ep.4 that Klaus got Hayley and said <> to the part when he hears Hayley scream in pain and he SCREAMS in anger ’cause she and the baby are bieng hurt or when Elijah and Rebekah think he will use the blood of his own baby to create hybrids and tells them that they betrayed him, he tells them that Elijah is trying to drive Hayley away and that he wants the baby to say him daddy and not the real father (Klaus), Elijah tells Klaus the it has nothing to do with Hayley and he yells that it has everything to do with her. At last I think you have heard Klaus call Hayley “Little Wolf” so that pretty much tells us that Klayley is real and is going to happen in the end

  16. i am a fan of elijah i believe he is wonderful and i liked it when he was with hayley but klaus is great and deserves to be with the one woman who changed his whole existence klayley is the ultimate deal i believe the whole objective of the writers of this show is to show us how they both grow and understand and love each other also to learn that they are fated for each other its all abt klayley right from the very begining and the both of them need to know there is no excaping destiny they would go through alot before they finally happen i know but is the beauty of it all their perserverance and together they would not only become hearts of the show but that of new orleans also this relationship has to happen for baby hope just imagine the horror of her mother being together with her uncle or someone else

  17. i think klaus luvs haley to the point were he didnt kill her even when his anuty wanted her death out of his luv for her he cursed her but klaus need haley and cos those are the only way he shows his human side

  18. Klaus and Hayley was meant for each other. They both understand the pain and the grief that they both feel there something about them that’s telling me that their destined for each other and besides she needs a bad boy in her life .Together they’ll be klayey for life and wiv baby hope . I’m just hoping that there is a future for Klayley . Klayley For Life !!!!


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