Bill Pullman Returning for ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

Bill Pullman has confirmed he’ll be back for the Independence Day sequel, but insists he knows nothing about the much-anticipated blockbuster.

Producer Dean Devlin recently confirmed the movie will hit cinemas in June 2016, revealing Roland Emmerich is in negotiations to return as director.

Casting details are still not clear but Jeff Goldblum, who starred in the 1996 original opposite Will Smith, recently revealed he has been been in talks with Emmerich and Devlin about a return, and now Pullman has told he’s on board.

The actor, who portrayed President Thomas J. Whitmore in the original, says, “People seem to know more about it than I do but I’m doing the sequel to Independence Day.

“We haven’t signed contracts or anything but I’m kept in the dark. I heard there are scenarios online where people are speculating what the script is about and I’ve never seen the script! I think it’s part of the excitement of the piece but these days the studios don’t want to reveal the plot because sometimes people will have a prejudice against an idea before they’ve even seen the movie.”

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