Roberto Orci Will Not Direct ‘Star Trek 3’

Star Trek 3 is short one director now. Roberto Orci is no longer attached to the project, and a search for a new director is being conducted by Paramount Pictures. Word on the street has it that Edgar Wright is in the lead!

So what happened to pull Orci away from his directorial debut with the upcoming Star Trek film? There’s some speculation on different sites, but Badass Journal is reporting that it is a disagreement over the script that triggered the separation. Orci will however remain on the project as a producer.

There isn’t much that is currently know about the script for Star Trek 3 – except that William Shatner is in talks to return as Captain Kirk. Zachary Quinto and Chris Prine are also set to return.

The film is currently scheduled for release in 2016, with production expected to begin early next year.


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