Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Raymond Unsure About Alleged Sex Tape

Usher’s ex-wife has finally opened up about that alleged sex tape that’s floating around somewhere and according to the former Mrs. Raymond, she has no idea if she is the woman featured in the home movie.

Reports suggesting intimate bedroom footage featuring the ex-couple was being shopped to blog editors online emerged last month – four years after a burglar broke into the hitmaker’s car and made off with jewelry, cameras and two personal computers.

Usher has yet to comment on the rumrs, but his lawyer is allegedly attempting to track down the seller of the tape before the steamy video is made public.

Raymond claims she has not been warned about any potential embarrassment and admits she is unsure if a sex tape of her and her ex-husband really exists, although the former stylist accepts that anyone, from a stranger to a staff member, could have set up the camera without her knowledge.

During an appearance on talk show The Real, she explained, “I don’t really know how or why or if that is possible (that a sex tape exists)… That was my husband. I trusted him, but I mean we traveled a lot; I don’t know if someone might have snuck in or housekeeping had a camera set up, you know, so I don’t know.

“I haven’t seen it and no one’s presented anything to me.”

Raymond isn’t worried about any personal footage leaking to the public, because she insists fans are only interested in seeing her sexy ex naked.

She added, “I know nobody wants to see me, they want to see him… so maybe they can edit me out!”

The pair split in 2009 after two years of marriage.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Video Credit: Youtube


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