Mark Wahlberg Loses $45,000 on Bet While Preparing for ‘The Gambler’

In preparation for his new role in The Gambler, Mark Wahlberg lost $45,000 on just one roulette bet.

Wahlberg takes on the role that was made famous by James Caan in the 1974 original and as part of his movie research, he headed to a casino in Macau, China to try his luck on the tables.

However, it didn’t go as he had hoped.

“I hit blackjack three times. Needless to say, I won a lot of money. And like my character in the movie, I took every chip off the table and walked right over to the roulette wheel, put it all on black… and lost everything.” Wahlberg told press.

May not be a lot of money to Mark Wahlberg, but to the rest of us – that’s a pretty big chunk of change!

Wahlberg had a little left gambling left to do as he did promotions for the film this past week, he played slapjack with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night.

“You should’ve told me,” laughed Wahlberg, who surprised that they were going to play. “I would’ve brought my prosthetic penis from Boogie Nights! I could’ve.. just slapped you in the head with that thing!”

Check out the video below!

Mark Wahlberg Plays Slapjack with Jimmy Fallon

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /


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