Kevin Hart Took ‘The Wedding Ringer’ Co-Star Josh Gad to a Strip Club

Kevin Hart treated actor Josh Gad to an unforgettable night at a strip club by handing over $1,000 to tip the exotic dancers.

The duo stars in upcoming comedy The Wedding Ringer, and soon after meeting for the first time, Hart decided to take the Frozen star to a “black strip club” for a bonding experience.

In an interview with comedian Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Thursday, the actor explained the difference between a white and black strip club, saying, “When you go to a predominately white strip club there’s more modeling and posing.

“But when you go to the urban world there’s what you call booty popping and tricks. So I wanted Josh to have this experience just to say he had it. So I got 1,000 ones (dollar bills)…”

However, Gad wasn’t exactly keen on doling out cash to the strippers, saying, “What do you call this? ‘Making it rain?’ I call it ‘losing hard cash’. I asked him if I could keep the money to put my kids through school…”

Hart went on to say that his pal wasn’t a natural when it came to letting the bills fall on the dancers, adding, “He hurt a girl up close. I said, ‘Josh you just go one by one’, and Josh, because of his pudgy hands, he did one swoop and you heard the girl say, ‘Ow! My eye! What’s your problem? You don’t like what you see?'”

Hart added that even though Gad was out of his comfort zone at the club, noting he dressed like a “substitute teacher”, he didn’t change himself just to fit in, a quality that Hart admired.

He confessed, “That was the day I called him my friend.”

Video/Photo Credit: Youtube


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