Brad Pitt Roasted Rihanna at Fundraiser Ball

Brad Pitt threw his support behind Rihanna’s fundraising efforts with a hilarious ‘roast’ of the pop princess at her inaugural Diamond Ball Gala on Thursday night.

The Fury star welcomed Rihanna to the stage at the function in aid of her Clara Lionel Foundation with a teasing talk about the Bajan singer being led astray by Jay Z when she first moved to the U.S. to pursue her pop career.

Showing the audience a picture of a young Rihanna, Pitt said, “Look at the young girl before you, all full of hopes and dreams, living a humble existence in Barbados, her whole life ahead of her… (But she) soon fell in with a bad crowd led by the dubious and nefarious character known as The Jay Z.

“For those of you not in the know, The Jay Z was an evil impresario known for turning out hit records and ripping insane lyrics and fresh beats. Needless to say it was all downhill from there.”

Pitt went on to detail the star’s accomplishments, including winning seven Grammys, selling 54 million albums, and having 40 million followers on Twitter before showing the crowd an altered image of the star’s head on an overweight body eating a sandwich.

He added, “I ask that we stand together by her side and show her our support and our love and say to her the hard words, ‘Rihanna put down that sandwich, get off your a** and do something. God damn it, just do something with your life.'”

After the hilarious speech, Rihanna told E! of Pitt’s involvement with her cause, saying, “Brad Pitt loves charity, he loves giving back and it was just as simple as that. He was honored to be a part of it, so I’m really happy he’s here.”

Other stars in attendance at the event in Beverly Hills, California included Big Sean, Lewis Hamilton, Kim Kardashian, Tyrese Gibson and Kris Jenner.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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