‘American Horror Story’ Star Denis O’Hare Talks Connected Seasons, Whether or Not Size Matters and More!

American Horror Story star Denis O’Hare is no newcomer to Ryan Murphy’s twisted series having appeared in 2 other seasons of the show. This year, however, his character Stanley is crafty con man with an…interesting…physical trait and he was kind enough to talk a bit about his time on the show, how the seasons are connected and whether or not we can now answer that age old question of whether or not size matters.

Denis has been in three of American Horror Story‘s four seasons and each time, his character has had to deal with some sort of physical abnormality. In season 1 he was disfigured thanks to setting his wife and children on fire, in season 3 he was tongueless (which was actually the least of his problems) and this year he has a…different…kind of issue, but an issue all the same. “It’s funny, there are a lot of resonances or uber themes that come back from season to season,” said the star on why he thinks Ryan gives him physical obstacles every season. “Kathy Bates lost her head in two seasons, which I think is pretty funny, this season and then last season. There was a weird thing between Jessica and I, we always were in some sort of symbiotic relationship, never healthy. In year one I was her lover but being used by her. And in year three I was her servant/wanna be lover. This year I’m definitely not a romantic interest in her, but I’m in an unhealthy symbiotic partnership of sorts. But I love the fact that he creates these large uber themes.”

In case you haven’t caught on from watching the show, Denis’ character has a 13-inch penis, which Murphy himself confirmed to Entertainment Weekly. During last week’s episode he flashed it at Dell, who seemed to be a mixture of intrigued and disgusted. The focus on Stanley’s little Stan raises the age old the question of whether or not size truly matters and according to Denis: more penis, more problems. The star explained, “Ryan and I have chatted about this a little bit and we’ve talked about the limits of what one can show on FX, a different cable maybe, HBO, watch out. But in a way I love the fact that we actually don’t get to lay our hands on Mr. Snake, or whatever we call him, because it’s great in an old-fashioned way to see everybody else’s reaction to it…And I think there’s a size issue. I think there’s also an angry issue, as he said last week. I don’t think it’s really attractive. Actually, if people were to look at it and were given the chance they wouldn’t go, “Oh sure, I’ll take that.” “Oh, wait a minute I’m not sure where I’d find a willing partner for that.” But I think it’s a great play on a joke amongst men. Size does matter to them.”

Finally, fans know that Ryan recently confirmed that all seasons of the show are connected in some way. We know that Freak Show is connected to Asylum through Pepper’s presence and it sounds like we’ll learn a little more about these inter-seasonal connections in the upcoming episodes. “The biggest, obvious resonance this year was Pepper being in both Asylum and in our season. But there are actually two other ones coming up that are very, very strong resonances which are fascinating, I think.” We know that one is the return of Sister Mary Eunice, but any guesses as to what the other could be?

You can catch the newest episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show tonight at 10pm ET, only on FX. I’ll be live-tweeting the episode like I do every week, so join me to chat (@TheJasmineAlyce)!

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