Kim Kardashian Totally Cropped Her Daughter’s Face Out of a Picture

Kim Kardashian West cropped her daughter’s face out of an Instagram picture and, while we aren’t surprised, we’re certainly tickled and wanted to give you all the chance to laugh with us.

Now here at FanBolt, we don’t like to dwell on all things Kardashian too much because you can literally find out about them by going about your day minding your own business, this was just too funny and outrageous to ignore. Being that this is one-half of the world’s most narcissistic couple, we aren’t shocked by any means, but seriously…what could North have been doing that was so bad it warranted most of her face being framed out of the picture, instead of say…taking another one?

You can see that Kim fancies herself in the above picture. Clearly North was doing something uncalled for, like making those unimpressed-Kanye faces, so Kim did the only maternal thing she could muster to save her child the embarrassment…she cropped her out of the pic.

Let us know what you think of Kim’s latest bid for parent of the year in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Twitter


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