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Seth Rogen Criticizes Media for Publishing Sony Leaked Emails

Seth Rogen Criticizes Media for Publishing Sony Leaked Emails


During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Seth Rogen has criticized the media for publishing the email messages that have been leaking from top Sony Picture executives.

Rogen and his co-star James Franco made jokes about the scandal on Saturday Night Live earlier this month, but since, Rogen has began criticizing the media for picking through all of the material the hackers have leaked so far, which includes salary details for The Interview duo. Also being discussed in the leaked emails is Rogen’s refusal to alter a key scene in which the North Korean dictator is struck by a tank shell.

Rogen recently spoke with Howard Stern saying, “It’s stolen information… I think it’s f**ked up that anyone is talking about it. And I’m OK talking about my s**t, honestly, because I don’t f**king care that much, and the stuff that was stolen from me on the grand scale of s**t is not that bad, but it’s f**king stolen. I do think it’s f**ked up that everyone is doing exactly what these criminals want…

“All of this information would literally just be sitting on some obscure corner of the Internet if it wasn’t for these news articles exposing the information…

“I can’t believe people are just so happy be like, ‘Look at this stolen information. Hey, let’s f**king read it.’ (The email authors) are not doing anything illegal. They’re not trying to fool you as the consumer. They’re having private correspondence with one another.”

Activists calling themselves the Guardians of Peace have threatened to continue hacking into Sony’s computers and releasing stolen files featuring celebrities’ salaries and personal information and whole movies unless studio bosses scrap plans to release Rogen’s new movie The Interview, about a TV presenter and a sidekick who set out on a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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  1. Do people actually agree with Rogen though? He says these Sony execs did nothing wrong – but I think people should stand behind the statements that they make – and I think that some of the statements that were made in the leaked emails were very inappropriate.

    I can see both sides of the issue, but I do feel strongly that certain statements that were made shouldn’t have been made .

  2. I agree, Emma. If your statement isn’t something you’d want read, don’t put it out there to anyone. Email is not exactly a private means of communication, as these folks are learning.

  3. Exactly Jenny – Leaving a paper trail of inappropriate statements was not smart on their end. Look at all the other hackings that have happened this year with Home Depot and Target. Even the biggest companies have leaks. That being said, these emails say things that shouldn’t have been said – and that’s the only reason the media cares about it. Had they been routine and professional – then there wouldn’t be any news to cover here until the hackers were caught.


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