Jon Hamm Is Fine With Not Being a Superhero

Jon Hamm is happy with his decision to turn down a number of superhero roles over the years because he would hate to be tied into a multiple movie contract.

Hamm, 43, shot to fame after landing the lead role in Emmy-winning TV series Mad Men in 2007, and since then, he has had the chance to act in more high-profile projects, including “quite a few” superhero roles, which he turned down.

While many actors would jump at the chance to take part in blockbuster franchises, Hamm tells Britain’s Radio Times that he had no interest in signing up.

He says, “For me to sign on now to do a superhero movie would mean I would be working until I am 50 as that particular superhero… You are signed on for not only the movie that you are signed on for, but at least two more that you haven’t read and you have no idea what they are going to be and all the crossover ones you are going to have to do.”

Hamm is also convinced he would not appeal to younger viewers, adding, “Ask anyone under the age of 20 if they have heard of me and they will go, ‘No, that guy looks like my dad.’ It doesn’t compute to the generation that most of Hollywood cares about. If your last name’s not Hemsworth or you are not in One Direction or you don’t wear a cape and tights for a living, you literally have a hard time making an impression.”

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