Reese Witherspoon Has No Hard Feelings About Not Landing ‘Gone Girl’ Lead

Reese Witherspoon insists she does not begrudge losing the starring role in thriller Gone Girl to Rosamund Pike.

After the star bought the rights to the hit Gillian Flynn novel and co-produced the movie, it was widely assumed she would land the lead part.

However, the film’s director David Fincher chose to cast Pike as the character Amy Dunne over Witherspoon, but the Oscar winner insists she is not bitter about the decision.

Witherspoon tells, “(I want) to create interesting roles for women. I’ve never thought I was right for every single role, and I’m actually thrilled to help craft opportunities for actresses. When I spoke to David, it was with no ego involved. Mostly, I was thrilled one of our first movies was going to be directed by one of the great American filmmakers of our time. My job as producer was to support him and learn all I could. I’ve known Rosamund Pike for years. I was excited about the idea of her playing someone so different.”

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