‘The Interview’ New York Premiere Canceled Amid Sony Hacker Threats

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The New York premiere for Seth Rogen’s controversial new movie The Interview has been canceled after hackers threatened terrorist attacks on cinemas screening the film.

The star helped create the comedy about a TV presenter and a sidekick who set out on a mission to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

North Korean authorities have condemned the film and even tried to stop it from being released. It was originally thought they were behind the hacking scandal at movie giant Sony Pictures Entertainment last month, but activists calling themselves Guardians of the Peace have taken credit for infiltrating the company’s databases and leaking confidential information.

On Tuesday, the hacker group issued a threat promising to target any cinemas screening The Interview, including the Thursday premiere at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in the Big Apple.

Bosses at the movie theater have pulled out of hosting the event and a replacement has not been found.

Last week, the Hollywood premiere took place without incident, but the actors did not do any red carpet interviews.

According to BuzzFeed News, Rogen and his co-star James Franco have canceled all promotional appearances for the film ahead of its release on Christmas Day.

You can read all of our coverage on the leaked Sony documents here: Sony Leak.

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