Rebel Wilson Caught Laryngitis From ‘Grimsby’ Co-Star Sacha Baron Cohen

Funny lady Rebel Wilson caught laryngitis from kissing Sacha Baron Cohen in scenes for upcoming movie Grimsby.

The star plays the love interest of Cohen’s football hooligan character in the 2015 comedy, and when Cohen came down with laryngitis, Wilson inevitably caught it from him as they had to smooch onset many times.

Wilson tells BBC Radio 1, “You know what actually, last year I did film Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy called Grimsby and I had to snog (kiss) Sacha quite a lot… I don’t know why I keep getting cast in these romantic interest roles… And Sacha actually gave me laryngitis. Yeah, cos (sic) I had to kiss him like 100 times a day so of course I was gonna get it from him.”

Grimsby is the story a black-ops spy, played by Mark Strong, and his idiotic football player brother, played by Baron Cohen.

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