‘Community’ Star Gillian Jacobs Discusses Her Love of Sneakers with ‘Marie Claire’

Community star Gillian Jacobs recently chatted with Marie Claire about her growing love for shoes, sneakers in particular. She confessed that when she’s not working, she’s hitting the streets in search of Nike Air Jordans for her collection.

Gillian’s love for sneakers stems from her childhood and where she grew up. “I grew up in Pittsburgh, but my whole family is from Chicago. Michael Jordan and the Bulls were everything,” the actress told the magazine. Now that she’s an adult, she tries to keep her wardrobe fresh and fun and tennis shoes are a great way to achieve both. “I’m trying to have more fun with my wardrobe—and more fun with my life in general. Collecting sneakers is part of that.”

There are tons of ways to rock tennis shoes, so what’s Gillian’s sneaker style? “They look really cute with dresses or jeans. You can wear them with just about anything. They make me feel much cooler than I am.” Speaking of cool, the actress’ shoe collection thus far is just that. Gillian told Marie Claire that her collection includes “seven or eight pairs of Jordans, two pairs of Nike Air Maxes, a pair of Andre Agassis, and some Liberty London Nike Dunks.” Impressive! “Girls talk to each other about fashion, but I don’t have conversations with dudes about what I’m wearing unless it’s Jordans, Gillian stated. “You meet a guy, you can tell he’s into sneakers, and it’s like, OK, no more awkward small talk.”

You can follow Gillian on Twitter @GillianJacobs and make sure to see what else she had to say about her love of Jordans, and sneakers in general, in the January  2015 issue ofMarie Claire.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire


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