Judd Apatow Slams Bill Cosby Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

Judd Apatow has taken to Twitter to slam embattled comedian Bill Cosby, insisting he should openly address the growing number of sexual assault allegations filed against him if he wants to salvage his reputation.

The 77-year-old has dominated headlines recently after more than 20 women, including models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson, went public with stories of his reportedly inappropriate behavior over the years, with some alleged victims claiming they were drugged and raped.

Cosby’s attorney has repeatedly dismissed the accusations as false, while the funnyman himself recently urged members of the media to report on the allegations with “a neutral mind”.

However, Cosby’s brief statements on the scandal have irked Apatow, who insists the veteran star’s decision to stay largely silent on the controversy has done little to convince fans of his innocence as he pushes on with his stand-up tour in the New Year.

Now Apatow is now questioning why venue owners would allow him to still perform amid the growing scandal.

He directed two Twitter messages to venue bosses at Cosby’s next two gigs in Canada, writing, “so @Centre_Square – are you really going to let Bill Cosby perform on your stage January 7? You too @BudGardens Jan 8? Is Cosby only popular in Ontario Canada at this point? Do people still find him delightful after 30 accusers?”

Apatow went on to make it clear Cosby is “innocent until Proven (guilty)”, but added, “He should speak publicly about how false this all is. (Provide) 30 alibis.”

He continued, “I always wonder why some people try so hard to not believe women who have been assaulted. What is the root of that?”

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com/


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