Ariana Grande Is ‘Repulsed by Santa’


Ariana Grande’s festive season is always tinged with sorrow as she has had her heart broken multiple times over the Christmas holidays.

The hitmaker has released her festive tune “Santa Tell Me” this year, but she insists it is not a traditional joyful Christmas song as she’s drawing from the heartache she has previously experienced over the festive period.

Grande tells the Daily Star, “I’m repulsed by Santa… My song may sound cheerful but it’s really quite sardonic and depressing…I’m like saying, ‘Santa what is your deal bro?’ I’ve had my heart broken multiple times around this time of year.”

She compares her track to Wham!’s “Last Christmas,” adding, “I feel although it’s one of the most cheerful times of the year. I see tons of heartbreak and they make movies about it. It’s like a ‘Last Christmas’ vibe.”

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