‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Porsha Williams Released on Bail

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams was heading to a hospital to visit her sick grandfather when she was arrested in Georgia on suspicion of speeding and driving on a suspended license on Monday.

Model-turned-reality TV star’s car was pulled over by highway cops in the city after she was clocked driving over the speed limit, and she was taken into custody after the officers allegedly found her to be using a suspended licence.

Williams, 33, has now released a statement revealing she was on her way to visit her grandfather in the hospital at the time of the drama, explaining:

“I was headed to visit my grandfather who is very ill with cancer in the hospital, and I was pulled over. I was wrong for speeding absolutely and apologize for putting anyone at risk. I tried to explain the situation to the officer and show him that all my paperwork was in order, but he refused. Handcuffs are not comfortable or a good look for anyone. I was released, I have my licence, my car, and my freedom.”

After the incident, she was released on $1,726 bail.

Photo Credit: Instagram