Did Sylvester Stallone Accidentally Spoil the ‘Rocky’ Spin-Off?

It appears that would be the case! Sylvester Stallone has risked giving away the ending of his new Rocky spin-off by publishing a picture of the movie’s script on Twitter.

The Expendables star has been working on the screenplay for new film Creed, which features his character Rocky Balboa training a rising boxer, and he took to the social networking website to tell fans what he has been up to.

Stallone posted a picture which showed a page of the script sitting on his desk along with his handwritten notes, adding the caption, “Where the screenwriting is done.”

The page is placed upside down, but eagle-eyed film fans have spotted that it features a key fight scene between two main characters, potentially giving away the big ending.

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Photo Credit:Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com


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