‘The Interview’ DVDs To Be Delivered to North Korea Via Balloons

The controversy around Seth Rogen’s latest film, The Interview, may not be over just yet.

The film, which depicts the fictional assassination of Asian leader Kim Jong Un, will be seen in North Korea if activist Park Sang-Hak succeeds. Sang-Hak has revealed he is planning to fly copies of the film, in which Rogen and James Franco play hapless TV journalists assigned to kill the North Korean leader, into the country using balloons.

Cyber threats from a group linked to North Korea prompted Sony Pictures bosses to cancel the Christmas Day release of the film in America, but they changed their minds and rushed copies of the comedy to independent cinemas on December 23.

As a result, the movie had a healthy Christmas box office launch in the U.S., despite a critical blast from film reviewers.

And now, Park Sang-Hak has announced plans to send 100,000 copies of the film on DVD and USB sticks into North Korea using helium balloons.

He tells the AFP news agency, “Probably the first launch will be made in late January if weather conditions allow.”

Bad idea? Good idea? Let us know your thoughts below?


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