Lucy Hale Talks ‘Pretty Little Liars’ with ‘Kelly and Michael’

Lucy Hale stopped by the set of Live! with Kelly and Michael to discuss tonight’s Pretty Little Liars return. While there she dished about the new mysteries the girls will face as well as
gave some insight to how time works in Rosewood (because if you watch the show, you know it ain’t normal).

Lucy sat down with the hosts in an adorable short floral dress and metallic heels and before getting into the PLL scoop talked a bit about her new haircut. Hale talked about how cutting your hair is “an emotional thing” but she was ready for the change after having had the same haircut since she was 12 years old. “It’s a gradual process. This was the fourth step and I think I’m done,” said the actress.

Now to the PLL goodness you’ve been waiting for… When we return tonight, Lucy’s character Aria is freaking out because she hasn’t gotten into any colleges yet so she seeks help from Hanna’s computer-genius boyfriend Caleb. “Aria’s very studious, she’s always been very creative, very educated and now she’s applied to every college, even at the bottom of the totem pole and she’s not getting in anywhere.” You can smell -A’s handiwork all over this.

So how old are the girls at this point? “The biggest question I get asked besides ‘Who is A?’ obviously, is ‘How old are you guys?’…the show’s been on for 5 years and I was like ‘I actually don’t know!’ but now I know. I guess their 17 because we’re going into our senior year so now the girls are trying to plan their lives, obviously their lives are chaotic…”

You can watch the full interview below:

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