Angelina Jolie Screened ‘Unbroken’ for Pope Francis

Angelina Jolie has visited Pope Francis in Vatican City to give him a special screening of her movie Unbroken.

The actress-turned-director was invited to show him her film, which focuses on the story of Olympian-turned-war hero Louis Zamperini, and she also enjoyed a private audience with the Catholic leader on Thursday morning.

In a statement released to, Jolie says, “Being invited with my film to the Vatican is an honor and a great tribute to the story that I have told in Unbroken. The story of the hero Louis a great example of strength and forgiveness.”

A statement from Universal Pictures Italia adds, “Pope Francis, aware of the incredible life story of Louis Zamperini, graciously welcomed the opportunity to view the film.”

Jolie recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about what she learned from filming the movie saying, “I learned to be a better person. I learned to be more open to my fellow man, to understanding, to seeing the other side. I learned that when you have hate and anger and you let it eat you up, it’s only hurting you – it doesn’t hurt your enemy.”

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