Meet A New FanBolt Favorite: Maxwell Glick!


FanBolt had the chance to chat one-on-one with our new friend and YouTube personality, Maxwell Glick. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries star took the time to talk with us about his upcoming projects and bringing his own particular brand of geekery to a new audience.

Your new project, Muzzled the Musical, is in production. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Well, Muzzled is a fairytale musical. I’m playing the role of Damon. We had a Kickstarter for it in May and raised over $50,000, and that will allow us to shoot three episodes. It’s a musical. Musicals tend to be way more expensive to make. We’re shooting it next month, actually. It’s really exciting. It’s a project that I have been attached to for almost three years now and to see it finally come to fruition is really exciting. There’s a lot of great people involved in it – Mary Kate Wiles and Ashley Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) so we get to be reunited again and make something really cool.

I saw on your Twitter that you recently won the Disney Side contest. What’s going to be involved with that?

Yeah, it’s crazy! We had to make a 30 to 60 second video showing our Disney side and well, that’s a very large side of me. I get to go to the All-Star Creator Conference, a Disney YouTube creator conference – basically, people that make their own Disney content. We have two days of conference, and then they give us time to go out into the parks and make a video. They will screen them on the last day of it, and then the videos will go up on the Disney Parks YouTube channel. It’s really exciting! I started my How2Disney show on my own YouTube channel and the goal always was to get more involved in Disney and this is great for them to actually see me.

We first met you at Comic Con. What do you geek out over? What’s your fandom?

Obviously, Disney is my number one fandom. SDCC, they don’t really do so much there because they have their own convention, D23. I guess besides my crazy love of Disney, I guess my number 2 is Harry Potter and they’re not at Comic Con either anymore, since it’s over. Game of Thrones would be the next thing. I’ve gone to a couple of their panels in recent years. It’s really tough to get into those now. I don’t want to sleep overnight [in the Hall H line]. There’s that and Marvel, which is also part of Disney now, so look at that!

What’s coming up next for you?

On my own YouTube channel, I’ll be bringing back “The Blank Scene”, which is something I did last year. This year I’m going to make it more of a continuous series. I already shot 8 episodes of it at the YouTube space; I just have to edit them and we’ll start rolling them out in January or February. That was so much fun! “The Blank Scene” is basically an acting class exercise where it’s a very generic scene that’s been written by people from all over the world. Myself and another actor do the scene in a few different ways and it’s just kind of fun to play around and improv. I got some fun people that you all will recognize coming to do “The Blank Scene”. That’ll be rolling out on my account soon. Beyond that, we’ll get into pilot season soon in the old traditional TV world, and I’ve always got various voiceover projects that I am working on.
I’ll hopefully continue to make my little music video parodies. So much of making those is also from my Patreon, which is a wonderful way for fans to support creators that they love. That’s been really helpful. It’s allowed me to pay a director to direct the video and an editor if I don’t have time, so that’s been really cool.

Make sure to keep up with Maxwell Glick on Twitter (@maxwellglick) and check out his work on YouTube!

Photo Credit: Pemberley Digital

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