Katy Perry Insists She Did Not ‘Pay to Play’ at 2015 Super Bowl

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Katy Perry has denied reports she paid bosses at the National Football League (NFL) to secure the halftime show spot at the upcoming Super Bowl.

Reports emerged last year suggesting the headliner at the 2015 U.S. football spectacular would have to donate a portion of their subsequent touring income to NFL executives.

The “Roar” hitmaker landed the coveted gig, but insists she did not ‘pay to play’, telling the Associated Press, “I put my foot down very early in the courtship… I said, ‘Look guys, here’s where I draw a line in the sand.’ I want to be invited on my own merits and not with some fine print.

“I stuck to my position… I don’t even care if my contract leaks… I have nothing to hide, basically.”

Perry will perform at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on February 1 with special guest Lenny Kravitz.

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