Jennifer Lopez on ‘The Boy Next Door’: ‘It’s a Mainstream Movie…Not a Latino Movie’

Jennifer Lopez has urged the Latin community to throw their support behind her new film The Boy Next Door in a bid to give minority filmmakers more “freedom” to tell their own stories on screen.

The multi-talented beauty serves as star and producer of the psychological thriller, in which she appears opposite Mexican-American actor Ryan Guzman.

Lopez reveals she did not set out to cast a co-star with Latin heritage, but she is proud her small budget movie is getting a mainstream release because if The Boy Next Door proves to be a box office hit, it could help to open doors for other Latino stars in future movies.

She tells Good Morning America, “It’s a mainstream movie; it’s not a Latino movie. But the truth is, as a producer, I’m very proud because in retrospect, I just picked the best actor for the role, but at the end of the day, if a big studio made this movie, I don’t know if they would have cast the both of us in this role (sic) because of that, so, two Latinos opening in a mainstream movie, if it does well, it’s gonna change things.

“I would love for the Latino community to come out and support this movie because it would give us the freedom, again, knowing that I can make this for $4 million, find a good story, that gives me a lot of freedom as an artist and it gives us a lot of freedom to make more movies in this way, and whatever stories we want to tell, so it’s exciting.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures


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