Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Feared ‘The Interview’ Would Become a Big Joke

Seth Rogen and his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg feared their comedy The Interview would become a laughing stock after Sony bosses pulled it from release last month amid the North Korea hacking scandal, because the film wasn’t worthy of the drama surrounding it.

The pair’s acting pal Jay Baruchel reveals his friends were relieved when the movie hit independent cinemas on Christmas Day (25Dec14), because if fans had to wait to see the project, it would have amounted to a huge anti-climax.

Baruchel, who appeared alongside Rogen in This is The End, says, “They were just bummed that there might be a chance their movie might not come out. They just worked real hard on it and wanted everyone to see it and they were kind of bummed that this furor would take away from the movie.

“They feared that when people would finally see it they’d be like, ‘This is what all the fuss was about?’ They didn’t want that notoriety… They were super stressed because they knew it was a straight-ahead comedy and not this world-changing event that it became. So they just wanted people to see their flick that they were proud of.”

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