Razer Kraken Gaming Headset – Greatly Lacking Quality

Razer recently released the Razer Kraken gaming headset for Xbox One, giving gamers a hope for something better for those who are still hanging on to their basic headsets that came with the console. This is my first time giving Razer headsets a try and I definitely had high expectations for the product. However, I couldn’t have been more let down than I was with the Razer Kraken gaming headset.

As I do with all headsets I review, I always first put them to the test by listening to music so I can quickly get a good idea of what to expect from the audio output. Unfortunately, it is noticeable right away that these headphones rely on heavy bass that overpowers any smooth listening experience. The lows are so overpowering that it’s rather depressing.

The result of a deep low sound results in the mids being difficult to hear clearly. However, when it comes to the highs, they do remain about even with the lows. Still, the lows control how any listening is experienced and these headsets simply make me want to take them off immediately. They ruin what’s normally a joyful listening experience. It’s just not close to a natural or quality sound.

Now that’s putting them to the test with just listening to the sound of music. When entering a world such as Tomb Raider, that’s when the results begin to play tricks on the ears. The lows are still noticeably overpowerful, but the sound becomes ALMOST passable. However, having listened to music with the headsets previously allowed me to continue to hear the poor quality and very muffled sound that these headsets put out. It’s just not a clear sound, especially for a headset that costs $100.

Xbox One gamers are far better off grabbing the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter and then picking from a large choice of quality PC gaming headsets to use instead. Recommendation: The HyperX Cloud. You can pick up that headset along with the adapter for the same price as the Kraken.

Not only does the HyperX Cloud provide superior sound, but also superior construction and comfort. It’s really quite disappointing just how poor the Razer Kraken headset is. Even the microphone is less effective compared to the HyperX Cloud.

I can’t by any means recommend this headset, not even at a significantly lower price. There are much better options out there that are comparably priced to the Kraken.


  1. When I read this article I was ready to buy the headset but then I found this, and at the end ended up with different ones

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