‘Archer’ Star Judy Greer Talks Season Six, the Show’s Growing Fandom and More!

If you’re an Archer fan then you know already know the FX animated series is full of memorable and messed up characters. Arguably one of the most memorable (and messed up) however, is the pyromaniac, heiress Cheryl Tunt. We had the chance to speak with, Judy Greer, the actress that voices Cheryl, a bit about her role in the show, what she’d like to see Cheryl take on and the growth of the Archer fandom as a whole.

The show is in its sixth season, so you’d think the cast would be used to the crazy antics that happen in each episode, but Judy is still surprised by the material at times. The catch? She’s surprised when the characters do nice, decent things as opposed to their normal shenanigans. “There was one major thing that happened this season that like blew me away,” she hinted. “When I was reading it I couldn’t believe it happened. It was because it was like the opposite of a terrible thing. I don’t want to be a spoiler but it was a nice, cool thing. Now that’s what blows me away when I read the script. It’s never like, how can you say that or how can we do that? But this one particular thing that happened towards the end of the season. I was like, what, because it was kind of awesome.”

Judy’s character Cheryl has a whole cornucopia of issues going on. She’s not cool with authority, she loves playing with fire and may have a thing for auto-erotic asphyxiation. She’s also been a country star and gone to space among other things, so is there anything left that Judy would like to see her character tackle? “I don’t know. I’m really happy with where Cheryl’s at. I think it’s fun when she got to help out on a mission. That was really fun. But I know she’d just screw it up. I also think that maybe that’s a bad idea. I don’t know. I like when Cheryl and Pam are up to no good. It makes me really happy when the two of them like get an idea and then it’s so bad and it ruins everything. It makes me really happy.”

We have to agree. The Pam/Cheryl adventures are always extra entertaining to watch.

The show’s fanbase has grown rapidly since it premiered in 2010, and the cast and crew have all taken notice of the show’s hit status. “The first year that we went to Comic-Con they put us in this ballroom. It was really great. They showed an episode. We did a Q&A panel and it was really fun,” Judy shared. “There were about 500 people there. One year later we went back to Comic-Con so this would’ve been after the second season and there were 2000 people there. To see in one year our fan base grow in size that much so quickly like the Comic-Con was like we had to get you like a huger ballroom. That was sort of like a really cool fan moment that I remember. All of us stood up on our chairs and took pictures of all the people because we couldn’t believe it because you think when you’re recording a TV show you really feel like you’re in a bubble. So to see it grow, our fans multiply like that, it was really special.”

You can catch Judy Greer as Cheryl Tunt in an all new episode of Archer tonight at 10pm on FX!

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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