Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie on What They Learned from Filming ‘Black or White’

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Kevin Costner and Anthony Mackie attended the red carpet premiere of their new film Black or White in Atlanta last week, and FanBolt was there to ask them a few questions! The stars spoke on how the project changed them and what they hope movie-goers will take away from film.

“Listen. Learn how to listen. I feel like we’re a culture right now that talk a lot at each other, but we don’t listen. So I think I really learned to listen.” Mackie explained.

“I learned to trust myself. I thought this [the project] was great, but I didn’t know if anyone else would. Anthony thought this was great. Octavia thought it was great. And suddenly I had a movie.” Costner added.

Check out the full interview below!

Be sure to check out Black or White in theaters today!


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