‘Aquarius’ Star David Duchovny Releases First Novel

David Duchovny has added author to his resume with the release of his first novel.

The Aquarius and X-Files star is the brains behind Holy Cow, about a talking cow, pig and turkey who embark on a trip around the world when they learn they are destined for the slaughterhouse.

Duchovny reveals he came up with the idea for the unlikely project years ago, when his mind started wandering during a drive in Los Angeles.

He explains, “I just had this thought… If I were a cow, why wouldn’t I go to India, where I would be worshipped and not eaten (under Hindu law)? So it kind of stemmed from that and I was like, well, a cow’s not enough, there’s other animals that can go to other places where they would be safe. So I came up with a pig who would be safe in Israel because of the kosher laws, even though he’d be hated, he wouldn’t be eaten, and then I had a turkey (who) just was misguidedly thinking if he got to Turkey… he thinks the country’s named after him so he’s gotta get there, so they basically go from the farm and they try to get to these places.”

The actor reveals the moral to the story is that life isn’t always so simple, stating: “Even when they get to India, being worshipped is not what it’s all about either. There’s something between being slaughtered and eaten, and being worshipped, in the middle… which is what life is (sic).”

And Duchovny, who played a washed-up author in cult TV show Californication, admits writing a book was a natural progression for him after working on his craft for years.

He says, “I’d say if you would have asked me when I was 19 or 20 what are you, what do you want to be? I would have said a writer. The way I got into acting, I thought let me try my hand at playwriting, and if I’m going to do that I should learn something about acting.

“I’ve always thought of myself as a writer. I got to write some of the X-Files (episodes), I’ve written (the 2004 film) House of D, I’ve written a couple other screenplays that I may or may not now turn into novels since it’s so hard to get an independent film made. This feels more natural than what’s happened in the last 20 years for me.”

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