Chrissy Teigen Dished a Little Too Much Information About Relationship with Husband John Legend

Chrissy Teigen has landed herself in trouble with husband John Legend by revealing a little too much about the couple’s saucy sex life in a TV interview.

The couple agreed to answer a question from a ‘mystery bowl’ at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, and Teigen appeared more than happy to reveal all when Extra correspondent Tracey Edmonds quizzed the pair about public sex spots.

She said, “Probably the Obama thing!”

The model shut up as soon as she caught sight of an embarrassed Legend’s glare and the singer/songwriter quickly explained, “We’re not gonna discuss that.”

Teigen then shot back, “Not the White House; it was 100 per cent not the White House.”

Legend added, “He (Obama) was not elected yet.”

His wife left with the last word, stating, “Sorry, I’m in trouble now.”

Would you be upset if your mate spilled the tea like Chrissy or do you think John was being a little uptight? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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