‘Ascension’ Star Tricia Helfer Joins Campaign to Ban Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Tricia Helfer has joined a Humane Society International campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals in her native Canada after slamming politicians in a newspaper piece.

The Ascension star has become the latest celebrity to support the #BeCrueltyFree Canada campaign, and she launched her bid for change by writing a powerful op-ed article in The Edmonton Journal advocating a test ban.

She wrote, “As a proud Canadian, it breaks my heart that my country still allows gentle creatures such as rabbits and guinea pigs to suffer in laboratories to test new beauty products or ingredients for cosmetics. I shudder to imagine these terrified animals having chemicals forced down their throat, dripped into their eyes, or smeared onto their skin, and left to suffer for days or weeks without pain relief.

“This is the ugly secret behind some of the world¹s leading beauty brands, and it’s still perfectly legal in Canada.”

Helfer is among the 70,000-plus Canadians who have signed the BCF Canada petition.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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