Spelling Walk-Out Upsets Garth

JENNIE GARTH is “disappointed” her former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 co-star TORI SPELLING won’t be a part of the TV show’s remake, and she’s upset by reports a salary feud was to blame for her pal’s decision to quit.

Garth, who reprises her role as Kelly Taylor on the revamped 90210, was looking forward to working with Spelling again and was upset to hear the actress, who was set to return as Donna Martin, had quit the project.

She tells EW.com she’s disappointed by online reports that Spelling dropped out of the new U.S. series after failing to land the payday Garth and Shannen Doherty were offered to reprise their characters from the original show.

Garth says, “The press thinks we’re at war over salary with Tori. I didn’t know I was at war with Tori. “I’m really bummed because I love Tori and I was psyched Tori was going to be on the show. I think she should definitely get paid as much as either of us is getting paid.

“Her father created the show. It just seems wrong if that’s the case. I don’t know what really happened because I haven’t talked to her. I would like to talk to her. “I’ll try to butt my head in whenever I can and tell people what I think about it.”

Spelling reportedly quit the new show after she discovered Garth and Doherty had been offered double her salary. But Doherty disputes the figures: “They didn’t even get the numbers right, so I don’t know if it’s about the money either.”



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