Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds Opens Up About Battle with Depression


Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds has spent years battling crippling bouts of depression.

The rocker has struggled with the condition for a long time but admits his mental health crisis worsened after the band shot to international fame in 2012 because he was spending so much time on the road away from his wife and daughter.

Reynolds reveals the last two years have been the worst, but he is finally bouncing back after learning to deal with his pain through songwriting.

He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, “The last few years have been the highest highs for me and certainly the lowest lows… I have certainly dealt with quite a bit of depression – I have for many years – but it’s been at its worst and heaviest these last two years… That’s a scary thing when you get everything that you could have wanted but yet you still feel an emptiness… I didn’t feel any fear of dying – and that scared me. I thought ‘That’s an awful way to live – I have a wonderful two-year-old daughter and I wife that I love and a great career doing what I love’. That made me feel like I needed to re-evaluate my life and find a deeper appreciation for it…

“(The writing process is) therapeutic release… (It is) very therapeutic for me… Like a journal – I needed some way to wrap my head around what I was thinking and music is a great way to do that.”
Reynolds is married to singer Aja Volkman and they have a daughter named Arrow.

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