Roman Polanski Headed to Court to Fight Latest Extradition Attempt

Veteran moviemaker Roman Polanski is heading to court in Poland to fight the latest attempt to extradite him to the U.S.

The director has agreed to appear at a court in Krakow next week to face officials charged with deciding whether to grant a request from American prosecutors who want him returned to the U.S. to be punished for a sex crime conviction.

Polanski, who was born in France, pleaded guilty to a charge of having unlawful sex with a minor, but fled America for Europe on the eve of his sentencing in 1978.

American officials have spent years battling to bring him back, and they have lodged their latest request with Polish authorities as Polanski prepares to shoot a movie in the country.

His fate will be decided by a regional court in the city of Krakow, and Polanski’s lawyer has now confirmed the director is to make an appearance there in person on February 25 to fight his case.

Attorney Jan Olszewski tells Reuters, “Mr. Roman Polanski will appear in the court.”

According to Polish law, if the court agrees to take action, the justice minister then decides whether to extradite the 81 year old to America.

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