Mary J. Blige Premiering Documentary at Cannes Film Festival


Mary J. Blige is set to appear at the Cannes Film Festival later this year to premiere a documentary about the making of her latest album, The London Sessions.

The hitmaker spent part of last summer living and working in London in the hopes of recording a full EP with her “F for You” collaborators Disclosure, but when they only came up with one new track, her label boss suggested she recruit other British artists for an album of her own.

She had a camera crew capture her adventures on film and submitted the documentary to Cannes Film Festival bosses for consideration, and now Blige reveals the project has been accepted for screening at the annual French bash, which kicks off in May.

She explains, “I came back to the States (after working with Disclosure) and was discussing it (the joint EP) with the chairman of Capitol Records… and he made it a bigger idea actually, he said, ‘Well, why don’t we have you go back to London, not to work with Disclosure only, but have you write with Sam Smith, Emeli Sande, Naughty Boy, all the English talent, and document the whole thing and call the album The London Sessions?’

“A camera (crew) was following me everywhere. You have to see the documentary on this. I mention it because we just got accepted into the Cannes Film Festival.”

And Blige knew she had a hit album on her hands after receiving positive feedback from her pal Sir Elton John, who is always happy to dole out constructive criticism.

She adds, “Anytime I finish an album or I’m about to do an album, I always seem to run into my friend Elton John and he always gives me the truth. If I didn’t do it right, if I did it wrong, he’ll say, ‘You guys didn’t do it right.’ We respect his opinion because… he’s a real person.”

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