John Travolta’s Rep Addresses Awkward Idina Menzel Oscars Interaction

John Travolta’s spokesperson has brushed off criticism of the movie star’s ‘hands-on’ appearance with Idina Menzel at the Oscars on Sunday, insisting the whole presenting segment was rehearsed like that.

The star returned to the Academy Awards, a year after infamously flubbing the “Let It Go” singer’s name, calling her “Adele Dazeem” as he introduced her Frozen performance at the 2014 ceremony.

He laughed off the gaffe on Sunday by reuniting with Menzel to poke fun at his embarrassing slip-up, but the actor became the butt of jokes again after repeatedly touching and caressing the Broadway star’s face during the presenting appearance.

Menzel took the touchy-feely moment in her stride and thanked Travolta for taking part after the show, tweeting, “Surprise! That was so much fun. Thank you John Travolta for being a good sport. What an honor to be invited again. #lifeisgood.”

Now the actor’s publicist has spoken out to defend Travolta’s affectionate actions, telling, “It was rehearsed in total. John Travolta loved working with Idina Menzel. John had a great time at the Oscars.”

Travolta was later interviewed on the post-Oscars Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV special, during which he opened up about his 2014 slip-up, blaming a backstage run-in with Goldie Hawn for leaving him starstruck and flummoxed moments before he was due to present.

Menzel wasn’t the only famous female Travolta appeared to get a little too close to at the Academy Awards – he was also snapped hugging and trying to kiss Scarlett Johansson as she posed for photographers on the red carpet.

No word on whether or not that was “rehearsed” as well.

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